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We know how hard it is to find out what’s working today, so we created The Founders’ Report to provide a quarterly update on the latest trends, tips and techniques that Raindrop, our clients and industry leaders are using to succeed.

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Dr. Squatch Creative You Don’t Want to Miss

This is a compilation of some of our favorite campaigns over the years that we have created with Dr. Squatch. Along the way, we have helped build one of the most successful DtC brands of the last decade and created a brand that defines Marketing People Love. Grab a beer and enjoy.

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How to Tell Stories in Online Ads

Our CEO and Founder, Jacques Spitzer, shares how to think about creating ads for the current digital landscape. The story arc needs to be completely reinvented. You cannot assume attention, you need to earn it. Here are some actionable insights and tips on how we approach this at Raindrop.
Image of Jacques Spitzer for the podcast Marketing People Love

Jacques Sptizer leads us on a journey to learn from some of the best marketers and entrepreneurs in the world, while sharing stories and smiles along the way.

More Creative We Loved Creating

Our team is a holistic creative powerhouse that supports brands across the funnel and brings to life Marketing People Love. Here are a few real life examples of our team’s work.