It’s Not A Myth… It’s Native!


Before Native, a clean deodorant that actually worked, was a myth.

And who better to exemplify this impossible feat (or should I say, hoof) than a centaur.

She’s strong, capable and yes, stinky.

You see… once upon a time, we were all centaurs, but then everyone started using chemical filled deodorant and poof, no more majestic bodies and beautiful tales. We became… people. But now you can get back some of that magic with the best deodorant around.

If it works for her four horse pits, it’ll work for you.

Native’s explosive growth into new categories of products and the success of this campaign led to expanding the magic of this universe to vampires, mermen, Bathrodite and more.

Over the last three years these campaigns have won multiple awards including Telly’s and Addy’s for Television commercials and amassed over 100,000,000 views on YouTube on their way to becoming some of the best performing campaigns in the company’s history.

What We Did
  • Campaign Concepting
  • Television Campaigns
  • Campaign Photography
  • Social Ads
  • Copywriting
  • Production
  • UGC
  • Static Ads

I worked with Raindrop on several commercial projects, and I couldn't recommend Raindrop more. To say that the Raindrop team consistently gives 100% effort to the creative process and projects would be an understatement. The team embodies the highest levels of discipline in keeping business fundamentals and key objectives as guiding posts, while also pushing brand teams to think beyond the expected. I am excited to keep learning from their all-star roster and producing top-notch creative!

Janelle Wichmann, CMO at Native Deodorant

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