Meet Our Team

Raindrop + You 

We love what we do and who we get to do it with, because building a brand that matters in people’s lives is inspiring.

It’s more than just who you are and what you do that makes those meaningful connections, it’s how you make people feel that starts something great. That’s brand. And that’s what we help you to own and grow.

Our goal with every client is to take you to your next level by helping new audiences to discover you, crafting deeper relationships with your core audiences and allowing you to confidently be the best version of yourself.

Let us be your brand champion.


Where it all started

We often get asked where the name Raindrop comes from. It all started with this quote about friendship.
“True friendship looks like raindrops coming together on a window-sill; beautifully and effortlessly before your eyes.”

I think we can all agree; best friends are… well, the best. They are there for us, cheering us on, listening to us and helping us to live our best lives.

We imagined that same level of trust, open communication and fun-loving spirit as the foundation for our work. The result is a truly special connection with our clients that we believe inspires even greater work.

Being a Raindropper means partnering generously and creating strategically. We revel in the success of our clients and celebrate the collaborative culture that we share as a team.

We want you to join the Raindrop family. We want to become your trusted team, working together to accomplish extraordinary results.

Oreos and milk.
Peanut butter and jelly.

Jacques and Adam are the perfect pair. Their strengths balance each other to create something awesome and they provide the leadership and vision that has helped Raindrop to double in size eight years in a row.

These are the Raindroppers.

Jacques Spitzer

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Wagner

Chief Operations Officer

Tom O‘Hara

Chief Content Officer

Donovan Moore

VP of Growth and Sales

Jeff Youngren

Sr. Vice President of Service Delivery

Andrea Pundeff

Sr. Director of Finance

Andrew Catania

Creative Director

Lindsey Birkett

Sr. Vice President of Client Success

Troy BeMent

Digital Art Director

Kris Hanson

Sr. Video Editor

Nick Geddis

Associate Creative Director, Design

Jenny Huffman

Associate Creative Director, Art Direction

Jill Gifft

Director of Accounts

Michelle Adams

Production Supervisor

Arūnas Astramskas

Director of Post Production

Sophie Proctor

Sr. Social Media Manager

Kyle Lane

Team Supervisor / On-set Director

Olivia Blount

Sr. Designer

Haley Salmon

Creative Resource Supervisor

Jazz Ruiz


Holley Gaskill

Sr. Producer

Kalah Vance

Sr. Account Manager

Jordan Coburn

Associate Creative Director, Copy

Michelle Starrett

Social Media Manager

Colleen McCreesh

Sr. Producer

Markajia Simmons

Account Manager

Dallas McLaughlin

Copy Supervisor

Ryan Hicks

Associate Creative Director, Copy

Andrew Ferreira

Camera Operator

Anosh McAdam


Chris Francis

Director of Content

Natalie Siebern

Account Supervisor

Eduardo Correa

Sr. Talent Acquisition & DEI Manager

Bailey Heidelbach

Account Executive, Sales

AJ Knox

Copy Supervisor

Carolyn Dema-ala

Director of Operations

Theresa Mapp

Account Manager

Ivan Burgueno

Sr. Video Editor

Jessica Munoz

Video Editor

Chelsea Glaser

Director of Strategy

Matt Forrey

Team Supervisor / On-Set Director

Jessica Fernandez

Account Manager

Kyra Rickards

Sr. Copywriter

Michael Carr

Director of Photography

Laura Alvarez-Hoyas

Associate Producer

Melina Valdez

Studio Manager

Kelsey Kammeraad

Accounts Supervisor

Kelsey Cardace

Social Media Manager

Chris Pennell

Creative Resource Manager

Brennan de Aguirre

Account Manager

Alicia Harper

ACD, Social

Christian Carrillo

Sr. Account Manager

Saul Pulido

IT Manager

Yuliya Ushakova

Vertical Video Content Creator

Brent Hannify

Sr. Copywriter

Erika Ni

Motion Designer

Jacob Burkhouse

Director of Growth

Lauren Hines

Camera Operator

Kimi Moore

Sr. People and Culture Manager

PeJ Thomas

Associate Account Manager

Sparkle Hickey

Casting Supervisor

Matteo Freschi

Vertical Video Content Creator

Thomas Wade

Account Manager

Nate Samanns

Sr. Art Director