From start up to TIMES 100 most influential companies…

The team at Lexie found Raindrop and knew they had found the partner to help them find their brand voice. Based in South Africa, Lexie is on a mission to change the way people re-discover a whole world of sound through their direct-to-consumer hearing aids.

This innovative start up tapped into Raindrop’s ability to disrupt stagnant markets by making a series of ads for broadcast television and online use. Explore the many sides of Lexie below, from deep empathy, to humor and a touch of fun,

Lexie’s brand stands apart from its competition and invites people to cut out the time, the middleman and the cost associated with the past. 

The result was not just a thriving business, but being named one od the world’s to 100 most influential companies by TIME in 2013.

What We Did
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Broadcast Television
  • Social Media Ads
  • Landing Page Design
  • Lifestyle Photography

“Your creative brilliance helped launch Lexie and put us on the map."

Seline Van Der Wat, COO, Lexie Hearing

"The Raindrop team has an uncanny way of capturing the heart of Lexie Hearing and depositing that magic directly into every ad they create for us."

Lisa Oelrich, Communications Lead, Lexie Hearing

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