Your Website Matters and Here is Why

A business’ web presence encompasses the website design, the layout, and the functionality. It’s how a potential client experiences your company or business through your virtual storefront, which is your website. Often times I think people have this misguided “all or nothing” type of mentality when it comes to their web presence. By this I mean some people just let their website exist on the internet with no effort put into it. They are equally alright with not spending any effort or money on their website as they are with the fact that it is not bringing them any business… which defeats the purpose of even having a site, but I can’t blame them, if your website isn’t bringing you new business, why would you invest into it further? To those people I would say unfortunately they don’t know how much business they’re missing out on. We can measure the amount of business that you’re getting especially through your website, but it’s really hard to measure the business you’re missing out on because of how poorly your website is designed. For example, we’ve most likely have all found ourselves in the situation of searching on the Internet for a service. Whether it be for a carpet cleaner or CPA, if they have really poorly designed website, you will simply click onto the next one. The goal is to avoid the mind of the potential client thinking if this business hasn’t put the time and attention to create a great website, why is it worth my time? A poorly done website doesn’t project a very good first impression to the rest of the world through your virtual storefront which is a problem because you could be actively turning away clients. You may find yourself thinking, what can my website do for me? There are many positives to a great website which may be difficult for some people to understand due to less than positive experiences up until this point. In order to get started, ask yourself: how much is my potential cliental worth? Meaning, if your business or services cater to a clientele averaging thousands of dollars, you need to take a second look at your website. It’s essential because you could be bringing in very real leads and qualified business through your website, as well as providing an exciting place for people who have been directly referred to you to visit. Step 1 – Design and Content Design and organize a great website with fantastic content. We use our creative briefing to look at sites you like and start with the best websites in your industry – as a starting point.  From there, we improve upon what your competitors are doing to create a truly exceptional website. This also means having a professional write the content for you. We have someone interview you as the clients and record it so we can go back and structure it into a really well written sales copy that promotes your business in the way it should. Our clients love this because they don’t have to spend hours upon hours staring at a computer screen to produce mediocre copy. Now, they tell us about their business, we write the content and all they have to do is make a few small edits. Step 2 – Location, Location, Location Optimizing the website. It’s important because a business is all about location location location, and the same goes for web presence. Google, Yahoo, and Bing, make sure that people who are looking for you can find you or someone looking into the same scope of services can find you. What it all comes down to is you can really portray what you want the public to know about you. The key is to have a great design, excellent organization in terms of the ability for people to find what they are looking for fast, and a great call to action. Once the potential client has read or heard enough about your business and are ready to take the next step, you want to make it easy for them to do so. Finally, making your website accessible and marketing it just like you would your actual store, with a great location. Before we even start optimizing your website, we can do research and tell you how many people are looking for your product or service in your area based on how many searchs are recorded every month.  Getting results online is a science and it is trackable and adaptable so we can cater to what your clients want to see!