Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Invest in? A Quick Guide to the Top 7 Social Media Platforms

When businesses first discovered the marketing potential of social media, the name of the game was to join every platform in existence. The visual effect of showing an all-around presence—even if it just meant creating a profile and leaving the account dormant—was valued over content strategy and quality. As social media evolved, its advertising appeal only grew. However, marketers began to realize that simply being active and prolific on social media wasn’t enough to expect meaningful results. The focus shifted to where it stands today: engagement. It’s virtually impossible for your business to effectively and affordably create content for every social media channel. Before you invest in a given platform, you’ll want to 1) confirm your target audience is there, and 2) understand what type of content engages users. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you answer these questions.

This is Just the Beginning

Social media is only one component of a complete marketing strategy, and this is just a beginner’s guide. As a relationship-focused marketing agency, Raindrop creates and capitalizes on opportunities for our clients to engage their customers–not just on social media, but across the broader advertising landscape including branding, email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, video, and more. We have a world of insight to share with you, so drop us a line and let’s talk marketing.