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A Raindrop Webinar Series

The past couple of months have been a rollercoaster for the world. During this difficult time, Raindrop has been working hard to partner generously with clients and support them as much as possible, sometimes in ways that look different than they would if the world were “normal.” In this webinar series, experts on the Raindrop team will spend time talking through what has been especially important in marketing during this time.

We’ll start by diving into storytelling, cultivating virtual teams, media planning, and what audiences/content to prioritize during this unprecedented time. We hope this sparks some inspiration and offers bite-sized nuggets to motivate your marketing decisions in the coming months.

Mutli-Part Webinar Series

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Does Advertising on TV Work for D2C Brands?

Jacques Spitzer

CEO, Raindrop

Stacy Durand

CEO, Media Design Group

Is your brand right for ads on Cable, YouTube TV, Direct TV, Hulu, Roku and more? Stacy Durand with Media Design Group and Jacques Spitzer with Raindrop discuss what is working now for direct to consumer brands looking to branch outside of internet advertising and go after cord cutters, cord stackers and cord-nevers. Durand and Spitzer cover what is working for brands during this pandemic – From how connected TV and cable advertising works, to how it’s tracked and what creative sells.

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Scaling Your BusinessWith Edutainment

Heather Pimentel

Digital Strategy Supervisor

Taner Tozan

Senior Media Specialist

“If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is aroundto hear it, does it make a sound?”

An effective marketing campaign relies on two important factors: entertaining creative paired with a strategic distribution strategy. At Raindrop, we produce comedic and effective social media and digital marketing content that is designed to drive engagement and sales. In this webinar, Heather Pimentel, Digital Strategy Supervisor, and Taner Tozan, Sr. Media Specialist, join forces to discuss how the power of creative and media combined can help scale brands to 100 million views and beyond. We’ll share our proven process for ideating creative and how to craft a strategic plan to grab the attention of new audiences and grow your business.

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How To Tell Stories
in Online Ads

Jacques Spitzer

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about storytelling through video, Jacques Spitzer is the CEO of Raindrop, a branding and growth agency based out of San Diego, CA. Raindrop has concepted and produced video ads that have earned over 250,000,000 views, won an Emmy and resulted in an additional $75,000,000 in sales – all within the last year.

This webinar will inspire you to rethink the way you approach video advertising and reach new audiences – from proven formulas for your storytelling to simple tips that make all the difference when it comes to connecting with your potential buyers.

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Creating Together in A
Virtual Space

Danny Kim

Director of People & Culture

The secret sauce at Raindrop has always been in the power of presence–being together to create together. In recent times, Raindrop along with most organizations, has had to rapidly transform their organization into remote work environments. In this webinar, Danny Kim, the Director of People and Culture at Raindrop and an organizational psychologist who catalyzes individuals and organizations to perform at their best, will share the highs and lows in retaining and remaking culture in these unprecedented times. What can leaders do to retain their culture? And as we look ahead, what are some best practices for creating a new culture?

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Give The People Who MatterWhat They Want

Priya Iyer

Brand Supervisor

During this time, it’s easy to lose focus and be distractedby the chaos around us. We can forget what and who’s important to us, and we can lose our brand’s North Star. In this webinar, Priya Iyer, Brand Supervisor at Raindrop, will discuss what it means to re-focus efforts in the people who mean the most to our brand by giving them exactly what they need in this trying time.

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