Raindrop Celebrates Wellness Month

Happy National Wellness Month! Wellness can take lots of different forms. Maybe it’s a mental health day, or a walk around the block on your break, reading your favorite book, or finally bingeing that new Netflix show. Finding ways to decompress from work is an essential part of your wellness, and we do our best to empower Raindroppers to take this time for themselves.

But what if wellness could be more than distancing yourself from work? Something that is often left out of the wellness conversation is creating a work environment that people ENJOY being part of. At Raindrop, we strive to create a sense of wellness AT work, not just after. 

From recent surveys taken by Raindroppers, it was found that 79% felt a strong sense of belonging at work. It is our priority to create a space where every individual feels they can be their most authentic self. So much so that 89% of Raindroppers feel that leadership is doing their best to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

We also feel that close-knit teams, built on trust and respect are key to team dynamics. 93% of Raindroppers feel that their team members have their backs. You don’t get voted San Diego’s best place to work without a little hard work 😉 – and commitment to your employees’ wellness.

Beyond creating a work environment imbued with wellness, it’s also important to enjoy your actual work – 40 hours a week is a lot of time, so best to enjoy what you do! Realistically though, everyday at work isn’t always satisfying, but being aware of the tasks you DO enjoy at work, can lead you to having more positive days at work than negative. 

Surely we can all recall a time when we became so engrossed with something that we lost complete track of time – this state is called flow. Maybe you were catching up with a friend or doing your favorite hobby – but again, this state isn’t exclusive to environments outside of work. You can achieve flow at work too! 

In a work setting achieving, flow is a state of experiencing energized focus and enjoyment while completing an activity or task. For example, see the chart below:

Flow is achieved when you reach a place of high skill and high challenge – in other words, you feel confident in your ability to complete a challenging task. Not only does flow result in increased productivity, but a sense of accomplishment. Think about it – when do you feel the most accomplished? When you’ve barely had to put in any effort? Or when you’ve pushed yourself to conquer something difficult and worthwhile. We also believe this sense of accomplishment is an essential component to work wellness. Doing something you enjoy and being good at it? Say hello to consistently positive work days and a big step towards managing your own work wellbeing. 

How then do you achieve flow? Check out these 5 tips:

  1. Find a balance between challenge and skill

This balance is different for everyone! Open conversation with your manager is key for this one. If you’re feeling severely unequipped for the tasks you’ve been assigned, then you may end up in a state of anxiety. Conversely, you may feel that you need a bigger challenge. In talking with your manager, you can partner with them to find the workload and tasks that will get you closer to a state of flow by balancing challenge, your skills, and work that you actually enjoy doing.

  1. Reduce Distractions

Between email, slack, teams, and cell phones staying tuned in at work is only getting harder. A key component of achieving flow is being distraction-free. We encourage Raindroppers to schedule deep work or focus time into their daily calendars. Silence your notifications and really get into the zone. Setting aside time to prioritize yourself and your work is a great way to calm your nerves and focus.

  1. Cut Multitasking

Multitasking is a myth! Our brains can only focus on one thing at a time, and forcing it to jump from topic to topic is actually causing you to split your attention rather than give 100% of your focus. Multitasking can often make you feel frantic or out of control, but to achieve a state of flow, confidence is key.

  1. Don’t Force it

Not every day is a flow day, and that’s okay! We all have our off days, and giving yourself grace is a big component of wellness. Tackle the day head-on and believe that tomorrow will be your time to shine after a hard day!

Wellness is a broad topic, and finding ways to decompress after work is very important – but what if you could have a workday and a workplace that didn’t require so much effort to distance yourself from? Making work a place of positivity is often a step we leave out of wellness. We’ve found creating a positive work environment accompanied with being challenged by work that you actually enjoy – achieving flow -, is a cheat code to work wellness. 

To further celebrate wellness, use these Zoom backgrounds during your work day!

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