We build brands that foster relationships and create
genuine connections

Our Philosophy

The power of Brand is in its ability to create an emotional connection with people.

Humans make choices with their heart. Your Brand is what draws consumers in and your products are what keep them coming back.

The Raindrop Brand Process

Brand Identity Development   |   Brand Look & Feel
Brand Foundations  |   Brand Extensions

Part 1: Brand Identity Development

The first step in our process is to craft the strategic framework and core identity of your Brand. We ranging from 100-year old established institutions to pre-revenue start-ups through this dynamic process, diving into the “why” behind the brand and defining how it should make consumers feel.

Brand Planning Session
The journey kicks off with a 2-hour Brand Planning Session with your core team members and stakeholders. This session consists of a series of questions that uncover the heart and strengths of your brand.

Questions such as:

  • What emotions should consumers feel when interacting with your Brand?
  • What are consumers saying about themselves by wearing/purchasing your Brand?
The Steps
    • Brand Planning Session

    Part 2: Brand Look & Feel

    Once the Brand Identity Framework has been created, then we craft your visual identity. The Brand Identity works as a guiding star that provides structure for creative decision making around colors, personality and fonts of the Brand.

    The Steps
      • Logo Development
      • Fonts & Colors

      Part 3: Brand Foundations

      Now that the Brand Identity and Look & Feel have been established we move into bringing the Brand to life through your core marketing tools. It is essential that your website, packaging and retail experiences align with your Brand Identity.

      The Steps
        • Website Development
        • Packaging
        • Photography & Video Production

        Part 4: Brand Extensions

        Developing your Brand Extensions allows you to showcase your Brand through all of your day-to-day marketing efforts. Everything should be infused with the Brand. Cohesive Brand experiences build trust and deepen relationships with your consumers.

        The Steps
          • Design
          • Social Media
          • Email Marketing
          • Public Relations
          • Content Marketing
          • On-site Signage
          • Advertising