Raindrop + You: The Meaning Behind Our Rebrand

We’re feeling brand new – literally. Through the energy and excitement of a banner year in 2017, we realized it was time to define the common threads between our work, purpose, and relationships. Make no mistake, this wasn’t a soul search; we’ve known who we are all along. It was more a matter of refining our values, refreshing our look, and preserving what makes us unique as we continue to grow.

3 Core Values

Raindrop has previously thrived on six core values: Friendship, Creativity, Unrivaled Experiences, One Foot in the Future, Safe Haven, and Team Effort. All of these foundational values have been absorbed into three statements that we believe are much more resounding:

Partner Generously

We are the branding and advertising partner who is more like your best friend – deeply loyal and always there for you, yet lighthearted and easy to be around. We believe in the power of generosity and kindness to bring out the best in everyone.

Create Strategically

As loose and easygoing as we like to keep things, every asset we create has a deliberate purpose. Even in the most conceptual undertakings, we are intentional about what we’re doing, who we’re doing it for, and how we want to make people feel.

Own Your Future

Raindrop is a collective of creatives who are living out their skills, talents, and passions. We encourage and empower every Raindropper to grow, both individually and within our company. There are no barriers to opportunity, and no limits on learning. Our clients share and embrace our continuous pursuit of the next level.

Visual Identity

Our new color palette of neutral tones allows us to showcase our clients and work, with pops of blue and orange guiding your attention along the way. The new typography of a bold sans serif paired with a modern serif is meant to invoke warmth, confidence, and trust. Because we want our clients to shine, we decided to scale back our use of color on our website and let white space lay in areas we might typically be tempted to fill.

Raindrop + You

Raindrop has always focused on creating human connections – internally, with our clients, and between our clients and their audiences. You’ll see this philosophy come through in just about every element of our new website, from the words to the imagery. Our overarching theme is Raindrop + You, which captures how committed and connected we are to our clients. Results are paramount, and we have plenty of them to show, but equally important to us is that everyone feels comfortable and inspired along the way. Relationships are everything. We’re not just delivering a service or meeting a need; we’re doing life together. It’s just more fun that way.