Meet Sophie

Beautiful people making beautiful work. Raindrop is full of talented and creative characters. Just Raindrop Things is a blog series where we feature our Raindroppers.

Get to know your Social Media Coordinator, Sophie!

What’s your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand is Beautycounter. They are focused on producing non-toxic skincare and beauty products and are even working with lawmakers to create stricter guidelines and regulations in the beauty industry. Beautycounter is a woman owned and operated company (#girlpower) and their products are amazing. Plus, their Instagram feed is so aesthetically pleasing, I get a lot of my inspo from them.

What are the three most recent songs on your Spotify?

Lost & Found by YBN Cordae, Sofia by Clairo, South of the Border by Ed Sheeran

We know you’re passionate about sustainable products – what are three products you don’t go a day without?

Doing my part to protect the environment is extremely important to me. That’s why I always keep reusable bags in my car in case I make unexpected trips to the store. I also always bring my Hydro Flask with me wherever I go and if I know I’m going to be eating out or I’m ordering food to-go, then I bring my own Tupperware so that I don’t have to create any plastic waste (yes, I get tons of weird looks when I do this but it’s worth it)!

What does your ideal weekend consist of?

My ideal weekend consists of laying out in the sun and drinking wine with friends (preferably at a winery in Ramona), trying out a new restaurant and going to a Padres game!

You came to Raindrop after interning for the San Diego Padres – what was your favorite part of that experience?

I’m from San Diego and grew up a die hard Padres fan so the whole internship was a dream come true for me. But, I think my favorite part was getting to meet and develop friendships with Padres players and broadcasters that I grew up watching and listening to.