Meet Maria

Beautiful people making beautiful work. Raindrop is full of talented and creative characters. Just Raindrop Things is a new blog series where we feature our Raindroppers.
Get to know your Sr. Brand Manager, Maria! What’s your favorite brand and why? It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I have to go with Anthropologie. Every touch point with the brand, whether it’s online, direct mail, in-store, email or social media, is inspiring and unlike any other lifestyle brand. Their focus on the customer experience is what sets them apart, and you can’t help but be inspired when interacting with the brand. They understand their audience and continue to curate shopping experiences that keep their loyal customer base coming back for more. They are truly the ultimate lifestyle brand.   What does your ideal Saturday look like? I’m an early riser and like to get cozy with a cup of coffee and homemade breakfast on Saturday mornings. My favorite way to spend the day is outdoors in the San Diego sunshine hiking or going to the beach with my fiance and friends, and topping off the day at a brewery with good beer and food. It’s the simple things! Word around the office is you love golden retrievers. What’s your favorite memory of Luke, your family’s late golden retriever? How do I choose just one? Luke was a special soul with a quirky personality who brought so much joy and laughter to everyone around him. I loved taking him on walks at the Columbia River where he would prance proudly on his leash and snuggling up with him by the fire over the Holidays. What is your favorite book of all time? I am a huge bookworm and my favorite book changes depending on my mood! Right now I love historical novels and Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan is one of my favorites. It’s beautifully written and is based on a true story about an Italian hero helping Jews escape to Switzerland during WWII. It’s equal parts inspiring and heartbreaking and I highly recommend it. If you could be best friends with any celebrity, who would you choose and why? I want to be best friends with Sophia Bush. I fell in love with her back in her One Tree Hill days, and now I have so much respect for her dedication to activism and standing up for what she believes in. She also seems to have a huge sense of adventure and loves to travel, so I’m sure we’d get along juuuust fine.