Meet Emily

Beautiful people making beautiful work. Raindrop is full of talented and creative characters. Just Raindrop Things is a new blog series where we feature our Raindroppers.

Get to know your Brand Manager, Emily! 

What’s your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand is the fast casual salad chain Sweetgreen. I went to college in Washington DC during the time that they were opening their first few locations. It has been fun to see them steadily expand to cities all over the country while keeping their core values in place and not sacrificing the quality of their food.

I love everything from the crisp design of their stores to their commitment of partnering with local farms to make sure that ingredients are fresh and flavorful. They work with musicians for inspiration on seasonal salads and are leaders of sustainable cutlery and reusable products. They make the best salad I’ve ever had.

If anyone from sweetgreen HQ is reading this…PLEASE open one up in San Diego!

If you could pick up any new skill tomorrow, what would it be?

I’ve recently gotten into spearfishing. Except I have yet to actually spear a fish. So I’d like to be able to skip the learning process and magically become a master spearfisherwoman overnight.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

My dream in life is to be on Survivor (and win, obviously). If not this year, then at some point. It will happen!

If you could pick three famous people to be a part of your entourage, who would you pick?

Victoria Gotti, Tim Riggins….Tim Riggins again

If you were a pro-wrestler, what would your theme song be?

Let Me Clear My Throat- DJ Kool