Keeping an Eye on Your Competition

It is what I like to classify as a “happy problem” that many small business owners in San Diego face: The more successful you become, the less time you have to personally strategize, plan and execute the marketing needs for your business. There are a few facets that you always need to consider and as a San Diego marketing consultant and one of those is staying up to date with what your competition is doing.


If you are too busy to see your competition sneaking up on you, it is only a matter of time before they will begin to surpass your business. It happens over time, but part of the cycle of becoming too busy is that you inevitably begin to lose track of what your competition is doing. When I consult my clients on developing a marketing plan, I always set up “Google Alerts”, which notify you every time your competition uploads content with certain keywords. For example, if someone uploads an article about marketing consultants in San Diego, I will receive an email with a link to the article, video or website where the keyword appears.  You can even set the frequency on the notifications and stay updated daily or weekly.


Many of my clients want to know how to use their personal Facebook account and their business page to drum up new business and drive traffic to their websites.  One of my jobs as a San Diego marketing consultant is to help my clients know exactly when to post.  That means not only what days to post, but what times to post.  I have studied Facebook for years and have read all the studies on traffic data and click through rates in order to be able to advise my clients to post at the perfect times.  Maximum visibility means better results. For example, if you have big news or a special announcement, sharing it on Friday or Saturday would be a huge mistake, unless for some reason you don’t want people to see it.  When it comes to Facebook, a little planning can go a long way!