Hello Valued Partner!

We value your business and want to help you get paid faster and more conveniently. To do that, Raindrop Agency Inc has partnered with Bill.com.

We kindly ask that you send all new invoices to RaindropAgencyInc@bill.com.

Please make sure to include your W-9, banking details, and the Job Number you worked on with your invoice/email so we can process your payment.

For the easiest experience, we invite you to create a free Bill.com account. With a Bill.com account, you get paid electronically and 2X faster than checks. Bill.com will also notify you when we pay your invoices, so you’ll always know when you’re getting paid. Although it’s not necessary to sign up to have your invoices processed, we recommend creating an account to have the most streamlined experience possible!

If you have any questions, you can contact us at emily.martinez@raindrop.agency, (619) 202-1589