How an Agency Can Help You Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is one of the most valuable forms of lead generation a business owner or brand can invest in. As virtually every market becomes saturated with online content, email enables you to remain “top of mind” with your past, present, and potential customers. A sense of personal touch and trustworthy information is an investment worth signing up for. Email marketing is a two-way street. Not only are you staying in touch with your customers; they’re receiving valuable information, for free. However, curating that valuable information and creating engaging content is often easier said than done.

Common Mistakes

When clients come to us with email marketing woes, they’re usually in one of two situations. Either they have abandoned email marketing altogether, or they’re not really gaining any traction from their efforts. Here are the most common mistakes we see in companies that try to keep their email marketing in-house.

Assuming All Email Marketing is “Annoying”

Everyone hates receiving junk mail, but there’s a big difference between spam and a solid email marketing campaign. Your emails are only annoying if you’re not delivering value to the end user.

Going on Autopilot

It’s not necessarily a good thing for your email marketing to be “chugging along.” If you’re not proactively curating new ideas and measuring results, your messaging will stagnate.

Lack of Strategy

Sending a monthly email blast just for the sake of checking it off the to-do list essentially eliminates the purpose of email marketing. You’re not sending information for your own fulfillment; you’re sending it to engage your targets and drive leads. The most important question you can ask before creating any email blast or newsletter is, “What are we trying to achieve, and what content will help us achieve it?”

Underestimating the Power of the ‘Forward’ Button

When done correctly, email marketing is not just about who’s receiving the email, but who’s forwarding it. For example, if your company wins an award, you’ll want to send an announcement to your contacts. If the need for your services arises in conversation, someone who received that email will likely forward it, because you have consistently illustrated your expertise.

Thinking No One Cares

Even poor open and click through rates carry at least some value in those who do engage. Email marketing is almost alwaysworth the investment, if for no other reason than to stay on prospects’ radars.

Hiring Someone Part-Time

It might be tempting to hire a recent college grad or part-timer to handle your email marketing and social media all in one, but this is a short-sighted investment that rarely gets results. High-level marketing strategy is never a punch-in-punch-out job, and it’s certainly not one for a “floater” or intern.

Getting More Out of Your Email Marketing

One of our clients, a law firm, has seen dramatic results from smart, strategic email marketing. Before coming to us, the firm was doing roughly 25 percent of its business in franchise law and wanted to shift its focus to that arena. Today, they are doing roughly 75-80 percent of their business in franchise law, and email marketing was the motor behind that success. How did we do it?
  • In-depth strategy
  • Custom content
  • A/B testing and analysis
  • Clean, engaging design
  • Timely execution
Marketing agencies like ours are staffed with top-notch creative professionals across the board, from content to design to deployment. Ready to see how truly great email marketing can boost your business? Click here to learn how Raindrop Marketing can help.