Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, Raindroppers! ❄️

Although we aren't having fine wine by the San Diego bay this year, we can make the most of it and pretend from home!

We all know it wouldn't be a true Raindrop holiday party without a raffle and a little bit of fun.

Let's break the ice by learning about each other, and then test our knowledge by competing against other breakout rooms!

Breaking the Ice 🧊

Let's start by learning something new about your coworkers!

Who is in your breakout room?

Hopefully I'll learn more questions soon.. enjoy the holiday party!

Guess the Raindropper 🧐

You say that you like your coworkers, but do you even KNOW your coworkers? Let's find out!

Carrie Jones

Emily Willhoft

Andrew Catania

Looking Back 🤩💭

Creating amazing work and amazing memories together!

our staff can do it all - you might even find them in our videos!

and memories from past Raindrop holiday parties! (in the style of the early 2000s)