Experimenting With Vertical Ad Formats

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Experimenting With Vertical Ad Formats

To dive further into the brand and performance conversation, we wanted to share some creative examples from the last quarter that the Raindrop team developed. 

One of our strengths is finding the intersection of brand and performance when it comes to creative assets, and the vertical platforms (Reels, TikTok, Shorts) are providing a ripe environment for brands looking to move the needle. 

While UGC is a main ingredient in most brands’ vertical mix, we’re looking to create assets that can generate a greater impact and scale through vertical storytelling. 

We’re looking to weave in unique selling points (USPs) and calls-to-action (CTA) with engaging and brand-building storytelling.

Check out some of these creative assets ushering in the next chapter of high-quality, high-converting pieces that build brand and sales simultaneously.

Bones Coffee – Anchor Video Campaign Extension Videos

Native Deodorant – Scentaur Deodorant Campaign

Suavecito – Beard Dating

Whimstay – Launch Campaign