Dr. Squatch Soap Co.

Raindrop and Dr. Squatch have partnered since 2017 to create scroll-stopping, highly shareable content to promote their all-natural bar soap and grooming line for men. Raindrop has helped Dr. Squatch grow their subscription base substantially, win every holiday season, and successfully launch new products with attention grabbing photo and video content you can’t help but click on and share.

Campaign Content Retainer

Break through the noise and tell your brand and product’s story with consistent, impactful content.

Product Launch Video Assets

  • 1-minute product videos that entertain and sell.
  • Short video assets that introduce your product and call the viewer to action.
  • Short looping video or gifs that can be used as bottom funnel assets, in your organic social feed or through email.

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Holiday Bundle Videos


Soap on the Street Video


Soaperbowl Video


Product in Use Video


FAQ Video


Quotables Video 1


Quotables Video 2


Transporting Pine Tar Video


UGC Mash Up Video

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Product Launch Photo Assets

  • Product photography shot in studio with neutral background.
  • Product photography with props and stylized background.
  • Lifestyle photography with props, talent and product.

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Studio Photography

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Product Photography

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Lifestyle Photography

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