You don’t need a reason to get away, you just need a great place to stay.

Seize the Stay™


Vacationing shouldn’t be a stressful process with months of planning that zaps the fun out of your trip before you’ve even touched down. But with Whimstay, everybody Whims! 

Whimstay is shaking up the vacation rental market by encouraging vacationers to embrace their spontaneity and change their perspective on vacationing. By offering discounts on rental properties that were about to go unbooked, Whimstay has created a platform beneficial to both the property owner and the renter.  With deals like these, vacation planning no longer has to be a months-long, painful process. No plans this weekend? We’ll see you in Miami.

Whimstay came to Raindrop before their launch looking to differentiate themselves in a saturated market with scroll-stopping creative to match. We partnered with Whimstay to create a Brand Identity and a full video campaign. 

From the Brand Identity process, we were able to detail Whimstay’s brand voice, their points of difference, and self-expressive benefits of the brand, in addition to their overall brand slogan. Using the Brand Identity as a guideline we concepted and produced an Anchor video, Top of Funnel assets, and OTT spots. 

Armed with these assets Whimstay was prepared to provide you the world on whim!

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What We Did
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Campaign Development
  • OTT/CTV Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Vertical Ads

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