The Future of Pooping is Here


America, it’s time to usher in a new era of hygiene.

Washing is already standard bathroom procedure in 80% of the world. If you’re still only wiping, frankly, you’re behind.

Omigo creates a better, more hygienic bathroom experience with thoughtfully designed, innovative bidet toilet seat replacements and attachments at an affordable price. 

The Omigo team came to Raindrop when they were looking to take their brand and content development to the next level.

We began with a Brand Development process to establish Omigo’s unique, consistent brand voice and to serve as a guiding light moving forward with all content creation.

From there, we concepted and produced a variety of entertaining video ads, developed customized website pages and streamlined Omigo’s photo and design aesthetics—capturing a broader audience and leading to great ROAS across all channels.

What are you waiting for?

Make the switch to a better bathroom experience and start your path toward a brighter, cleaner future with Omigo.


What We Did
  • Brand Development
  • Video Production
  • Product Photography
  • Social Advertising
  • Design

Working with Raindrop is a [f*cking] dream! They truly act like owners and live or die by Omigo's success. We love working together and we might actually be in love with each other... Seriously though, the quality of their work is top-tier and without their creative genius fueling our customer acquisition channels we wouldn't be growing anywhere near the rate we are right now. If you're looking for an honest, brilliant, and dedicated agency then stop the train at Raindrop Station.

Thomas, Co-Founder at Omigo
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