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When it comes to weighted jump ropes, Crossrope is without a doubt the best of the best. Beyond perfecting the jump rope, they are completely re-inventing the jump rope experience, creating a system that makes it approachable, engaging, and fun to get fit. 

In 2020, Crossrope teamed up with Raindrop with the purpose of expanding their audience and establishing a brand that could inspire and bring joy to people’s workout routines. 

The challenge: break the stigma that jumping rope is only for the schoolyard or the most coordinated athletes (See Rocky – Rocky V) and establish Crossrope as not only a perfect jump rope, but the perfect jump rope system and cardio exercise for beginners and pros alike. 

We started with Crossrope’s brand and messaging, taking them through Raindrop’s Brand Development process to establish their core values and breathe more personality, purpose and direction into the brand.

We started creating content for Youtube and Facebook, including an Anchor Video and handful of top of funnel ads using humorous, highly relatable hooks to grab eyeballs and stop thumbs in their tracks. We positioned Crossrope as not only the best jump rope in the game, but the most effective, most enjoyable cardio exercise that can be done nearly anywhere, by everyone.

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What We Did
  • Brand Messaging
  • Video Production
  • Product + Lifestyle Photography
  • Social Advertising

Is this a creative team that is too good to be true? We’ve had a fantastic experience they definitely know how to make content that scales top of funnel.

David Hunt, Founder and CEO

We've had an incredible year and are just so grateful to partner with them and the creative ideas and execution they bring.

David Hunt, Founder and CEO

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