Benefit #3 of Content Marketing: Defines Your Brand

How would it impact your business if before people ever stepped into your business, they understood who your business was, what you had to offer and how you could add value to their lives? The word game changer comes to mind. This is brand development at its truest form, proactively projecting your brand’s image, unique value propositions and framing all the messaging to better position your company within your core niche.


Do you know what your brand is? If you or your team members can’t easily pinpoint the core company values and what separates your organization, likely your customers can’t either. Perhaps one of the most challenging business tasks out there is taking time to identify what your company stands for, who the ideal clients are and how your services can improve their lives, enhance experiences or inspire them Brand development is more than just a one-time occurrence when your logo is designed. Defining your brand plays into defining the direction of your company, and should always be top-of-mind, especially for growing companies. Think of it as an opportunity to understand where you have been and chart where you are going. Stay tuned for our Defining Your Brand Series.


What are doing to proactively present your brand to your target demographic? Having your audience understand what makes your business awesome is what helps you thrive. This is where content marketing comes in. It’s your opportunity to promote your message, add value and invite people to interact with the core values of your business. Engage people. Entertain them. Inspire them. Make an impact. Content marketing is the medium, but you are the driver. Since you are putting out the messaging, you have ability to mold your message to achieve key outcomes. For example, a yacht charter company could do a photo tour series on all the top destinations their clients have traveled to, positioning themselves as travelers’ gateway to experience the grandeur of the world. A utilities provider could do a series of short videos on You Tube highlighting all they easy fixes for wasting energy in the home, offering simple ways to decrease your monthly bill. Relevant, yet engaging. This is how you not only project your brand, but also develop a loyal following.


We get it. Committing to content marketing is challenging, making pre-written generic content incredibly appealing. But when did the easy option ever produce desired results? Pre-written content fails in its ability to actively position your company or help you achieve strategic goals. It’s just stale. You know it, your customers know it and it’s just taking up room in cyber space offering weak SEO returns rather than actively engaging an audience to develop a following. When developing a content marketing strategy, only make the investment if it is going to better position your brand within your target demographic. Otherwise you aren’t accurately representing your brand, or reaching your ideal clients. 


Whether you are working to identify your brand’s unique value propositions or how to strategically implement a content marketing plan built around achievable goals, we can help! Everyday we help clients determine their most valuable assets, key elements of their brand and the best methods for presenting them.