It’s NOT your vagina’s fault!


Dr. Shannon Klingman Ob/Gyn pioneered efforts to get to the bottom of feminine odor, which has historically been misdiagnosed, and thus lead to the creation of Lume. Lume is an odor blocking product that, while originally designed to help feminine odor below the belt, is actually safe to use on the entire body. The result has been a brand that has did well over $100M in direct to consumer sales in 2021 before being acquired by Harrys.

Lume came to Raindrop with the goal to create disruptive video creative that effectively educated audiences while entertaining for OTT, Facebook/Instagram and YouTube.

We partnered with the brand to create multiple campaigns for their overall brand story and specific product lines (Laundry & Deodorant)

The founders campaign generated over 20M scalable views within its first month and is now one of the top producing ads in the brands history.

Founder’s Campaign 

Who better to tell the story of a brand than a passionate founder who can actually perform with charisma? The Founder’s Anchor campaign took the fun and creativity associated with the Lume brand and put Shannon in the center of it. Hearing why Lume was created and why it works directly from Shannon in a new setting established her credibility and likability in a way that resonated with existing and new audiences alike. The opening shot of her popping up between stirrups was the scroll stopping moment we needed to hook people’s attention. 

Lume Takes You Back to School

When did you first start wearing deodorant? It was likely right as puberty began in the hallways of middle and high school. In order to encourage people to re-think their deodorant we wanted to take them back to where it all began. For Lume’s core demo, this campaign oozes nostalgia from High School in the 80’s and early 90’s. This campaign, like all of our long form anchor videos was cut down into a series of 60 second spots that even the Breakfast Club would love. 

Airing Dirty Laundry 

Is there anything more dramatic in the laundry room than taking a whiff of the armpit of clothes that are supposed to be clean only to smell… body odor?! This campaign uncovers the true source of that stink and brings in the bodyguards to get that filth off the stage and out of your clothes. This 5-minute campaign is one of the most fun and wildest ads we have ever made, so get ready to expect the unexpected.

If all agencies were run as well as Raindrop, it would Rain awesome ads all the time. High end agencies like this are hard to come by and I am grateful they chose to work with us.

Dr. Shannon Klingman, Founder, Lume

Raindrop is so fun to work with! What makes them fun is that they create ads that seriously sell without the project management hassles often present for emerging brands.

Dr. Shannon Klingman, Founder, Lume

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