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You’re going to love this bub’


If you’re looking for the world’s best Prosecco under $20 then you’ve come to the right place! Coda delivers award-winning, no sugar added wines direct to your door and they launched with an amazing Italian Prosecco.

Coda is Raindrop’s first in-house brand and is a part of Raindrop Ventures. It is a joint venture between the Raindrop founders and Quigley Fine Wines. Raindrop handles marketing and Quigley handles the wine! It’s a perfect match.

Coda was inspired by the idea that no wine brand truly owns the mimosa. Have you ever asked someone what do they use in their mimosas? You’ll find a range of answers and plenty of I have no ideas. We sought out to solve that with the Coda Mimosa.

The Raindrop team built the brand from the ground up including everything from Naming, Logo, Brand Identity, Packaging, Website Development, Photography and Video Production and Raindrop is in charge of scaling Coda and driving revenue growth.

We also produced our first Musical Anchor Video with a custom soundtrack written to accommodate the video.

Please enjoy responsibly!

What We Did
  • Brand Development
  • Packaging & Product Design
  • Website Development
  • Video & Photo Production
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media

We are so proud of the Raindrop team and are loving redefining what marketing looks like in the wine category.

Adam Wagner - Co-founder

Packaging Design

Product Design


Email Marketing

Social Media


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